Start by visiting the Pilates Method Alliance site for their list of Approved Pilates Schools


In New York City, there are many studios that offer Pilates Teacher Training 

Programs.  Almost every Program offers a different type of training with a  different focus. It can be a  mind-boggling process in deciding on which Pilates school is right for you. An excellent starting place is to visit the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) website.  The PMA is the Professional Association for Pilates teachers. They have created the Pilates School Approval Program (PSAP) that is based on accreditation norms and on Educational Standards.

​Every Approved School in the Program must show transparency with everything from their enrollment agreement to their cancellation policy to their curriculum. And ever Approved school must provide a detailed catalog of everything they offer. So it's a comfort level for Pilates students. Below are also some additional tips and comparisons of the more widely known NYC Pilates Teacher Training studios and schools.

Meet the Program Director and Review the Training Manuals.

Visit the studio you are considering and meet with  either the Program Director or Educational Director.  Tell them you need to take you through their training manuals so you can see exactly what you will be learning. Ask questions about things such as who will be teaching you and what their credentials are, the  amount of time you have to finish the program, their testing and assessments, supervised teaching, cancellation and refund policy, grievance policies and anything else you may be concerned about. Make sure you see everything detailed in their enrollment contract. Ask if they have a school catalog. Also do not make a decision based on taking a class at the studio because it has very little if any way to tell you they have a Program that's right for you. 

What Kind of Teacher do you want to be?

The question is, what type of Pilates education and what kind of Pilates teacher do you aspire to be?  The more  popular studios for Teacher Training like Gramercy Pilates NYC, Kinected and Erica Bloom Pilates offer many hours of specialized lecture sections  on Anatomy, Biomechanics and Clients with Medical Conditions. This type of education will allow you to work with all types of clients including those who are in post-rehab. These studios also offer "Supervised Teaching" where Teacher Trainers personally supervise students teaching. Consider these Programs if you would like to become a more Advanced Level Pilates Teacher.

 Other Pilates studios like Core Pilates, Power Pilates and Pilates on Fifth offer a more modular type of  Teacher Training and focus primarily on  learning how to teach exercises. Here you will be taught more of sequence teaching which is basically giving basic workouts to healthy clients. In order learn how to work with clients that have medical conditions  you'll need to spend more money purchasing continuing education workshops. Other Programs that come from gyms like Equinox and Club Pilates also offer teacher training but much of the focus in the program is on how to sell their club members on doing Pilates.

Tuition Prices (watch for hidden costs).

To become a fully certified teacher you'll need to complete a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Program that include both Mat and full Apparatus Training. The total tuition for a good Comprehensive Program will range between $5,000 to $8,000. The Equipment Comprehensive will be the much greater portion of the tuition, (between $4,000 and $6,000) and Mat less expensive.  With regard to Mat Programs, the more popular studios like Gramercy Pilates NYC,  Kinected  and Erica Bloom  teach their Anatomy and Biomechanics in the Mat Program so they tend to be a little more expensive. But well worth it because it offers a great foundation before learning the exercises. Also,  be careful of hidden costs such as having to purchase private sessions or classes as a prerequisite to taking the Program.  

Since there are so many options , take the time to view the Pilates Method Alliance Website and review the Approved Pilates Schools. This will help you choose a school that is right for you. 

Visit Pilates Method Alliance Site

The Truth about getting a Recognized Pilates Certifcation

About Pilates Studios Certifications


If you are considering a Pilates Teaching career, you’ve probably done some research about getting “Certified”. The truth is that almost every studio that has a Pilates Teacher Training Program that will award you with a piece of paper that says you are “Certified” to teach Pilates. But what exactly does that really mean? Is it a nationally recognized  Certification? The truth is it means nothing more than a piece of paper that says you completed their Teacher Training Course. It holds no “Nationally Recognized Accredited” status. 

Here is the Pilates Method Alliance clear definition of what a Pilates  "Certification" really means.

What’s the difference between a professional ‘certification’ (from the PMA), and a ‘certificate’ (the result of teacher training)?

 "Certification" (associated terms/concepts: "credential", "third-party certification exam") 


Certification is a voluntary process by which individuals are assessed against predetermined standards for knowledge/skills/competencies and granted a time-limited credential. The primary activity in certification is assessment, and the assessment process is independent of a specific course of study or any education/course/curriculum provider.

Continuing education is always required to maintain a professional certification in good standing.    

"Assessment-based certificate program" from a Pilates studio (associated terms/concepts: "teacher training", "school", "education program", "syllabus leading to an exam based on that syllabus", “vocational training”)

An assessment-based certificate program  is a relatively short, non-degree granting program that provides instruction and training to aid participants in acquiring knowledge/skills/competencies and designates that participants have passed an end-of-program assessment derived from the learning/course objectives. Although assessment is an integral part of the certificate program, the primary purpose of the program is to provide instruction and training. 

How to get a Nationally Recognized Pilates Certification

 The Pilates Method Alliance is the professional association for Pilates Teachers. The PMA Pilates Certification Program offers the only third party certification in the Pilates field. On May 22, 2012 the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) granted accreditation to the PMA Pilates Certification Program for demonstrating compliance with the NCCA Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs. Requirements.  The exam is available to any candidate who meets the following eligibility requirements:

• Be at least 18 years of age,

• Provide verification of Pilates teacher-training proficiency using as a basis, 450 hours of training on mat and all apparatus, minimally to include:

- Reformer

- Trapeze table

- Wunda chair

- Ladder barrel

- Spine corrector

- Magic circle 


There is a fee of $295 to take the test that is written with multiple choice questions.

 Visit the PMA website and review the Pilates School Approval Program. You'll be guided to ways of selecting a Teacher Training School that's right for you  

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